“The realistic black vulture models invariably impressed the audience during press conferences and other public presentations.”
Green Balkans – Stara Zagora, 2013.

“Nikolay Todorov supplied “300: Rise of an Empire” with a selection of intricate and beautifully executed wax sculptures. The sculptures were of ornate drinking vessels and platters for food and were used in various sequences in King Darius’ Palace and Artemisia’s Stateroom.”
Nu Boyana EX3, 2013.

“The produced models of the natural diversity of the protected area – birds, animals and habitats – are very realistic and life-like. In the diorama there is a skillful combination of natural and artificial elements which cannot be visually distinguished.”
Directorate of Natural Park “Bulgarka”, 2013.

“The 3D model of Persin island and the bird models are of high quality. The model of the island is with the correct scaling and relief. Mr. Todorov combines professionalism, good knowledge of the flora and fauna and an artistic approach to produce excellent results.”
Directorate of Natural Park “Persina”, 2013.

“All bird and animal models are skillfully combined with the landscape elements of Sakar mountain. We recommend Artmodel Ltd. to every customer who wants quality animal models and dioramas.”
Green Balkans – Stara Zagora, 2015.